When is a skin lesion dangerous?

The skin is the largest organ of our body. It is reasonable, therefore, to be the field of a big variety of lesions. As benign lesions are classified various nevi,

How woulf rock-stars look like if they were still alive?

A hypothetical scenario, with reasonable guesses, though. The equation gravity + time = tissue atrophy + ptosis (fall) is the basic reason behind the aging process. Some of these processes

Summer- fresh!

Summer- fresh! Welcome the summer with a rejuvenated  face and a refreshed body with the high-quality Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery services provided by Plastic Surgeon Evangelos Aktsalis, right in the

Bra: a friend that (must) always support you!

Why women should wear bras. No matter what cup size you are, you can probably agree that bras are a huge pain. There's the constant adjusting, tricky fit and don't even